Cleaning Ducks

shutterstock_32632351The phone rang the other day. When we picked it up, a computer voice said, “This is Dave from Cleaning Ducks.”

He was calling to see if we wanted our “ducks” cleaned.

Since we don’t have any ducks, and probably wouldn’t want them cleaned, anyway, we hung up.

Come to think of it, we don’t have any chickens, turkeys, or any other kinds of fowl, either. And if we did, I’m sure we’d have a bowl of water big enough for them to clean themselves, if for some reason, they felt they needed to spruce up a bit.

I’m certain Dave, whoever he is, has a legitimate business and makes a good living cleaning air-conditioning and heating ducts in houses around the suburbs. But one has to wonder why—if his business is sophisticated enough to have a computer-calling system—he didn’t take the time to listen to what it said, and to correct the pronunciation of “ducts.”

Ducts—not ducks—are the main focus of his business. Certainly the word should be pronounced correctly.

Photo: Shutterstock/WilleeCole

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