Fourth of July Ice Cream and Levity

It’s always nice to go out for ice cream on the Fourth of July before the fireworks start exploding everywhere. And it’s equally rewarding to go to the local dairy that has been run by the same manager for more than 35 years. Such a long period of successfully guiding a business—through both the good times and the near-depression we’re now trudging through—must show a keen business insight, great management skills, and leadership.

It also might reveal something else I often find difficult to accept: that knowing proper grammar and correct English is not necessarily a requirement for success in business or, conceivably, in any aspect of life in America today.

Taped to the front of a refrigerator in the ice cream shop, when we stopped by last night, was a sign about treating dollar awards the same as coupons. Handwritten at the bottom of the announcement was the line “Just like a gift certificate (Do not wright on them).”

One would have thought that such an announcement was meant exclusively for employees. But perhaps customers, too, need to be warned not to write on the coupons. Regardless of the intended audience, though, the “wright” in the sign gave at least three of us a little levity while we waited in line.

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