My New Blog on Business Communications

A winter’s morning view from my office.


On this blog, I will cover communications broadly, but always with the idea that each individual post relates in some way (even if not mentioned explicitly) to business communications specifically.

Therefore, over the course of the blog’s lifespan—how long will that be, a few weeks, months, maybe years?—the accumulated posts will represent my view of the intersection of communications in general and  communications about business.

I’ll discuss (and if you stick with me, you’ll read about) word usage, grammar, sentence construction, the structure of documents, communications tools, the strategies and tactics for communicating with specific key stakeholder groups, the execution of these strategies and tactics, and the evaluation of the success or failure of these efforts. As I see it: the whole communications process.

Occasionally, I might post statements that seem, at first glance, far astray from my topic. But from my perspective—developed over years of holding a variety of roles, including PR manager, employee communications director, speechwriter, executive communications manager, public affairs executive director, and others—they do relate (at least in some small, but important, way) to business communications.

In part, I draw my inspiration for this less-than-direct approach to my topic from Michel de Montaigne, 16th century French writer, who said about his sometimes wandering, seemingly unrelated writing: “I go out of my way, but rather by license than carelessness. My ideas follow one another, but sometimes it is from a distance, and look at each other, but with a sidelong glance.”

My hope, therefore, is that these posts will, if we pay attention, make those of us who work in corporate communications, PR, or related functions (either as part of an internal staff or an outside agency) better at sharing relevant, informative, and engaging information with our companies’ customers, employees, online communities, and other stakeholders.

So, the purpose of this blog is to encourage a wider, and yet closer, look at what we love to do: communicate about our companies.

Let me know what’s on your mind as you read my posts.

Good reading.

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